On the “Plochata” (“the plate”) Peak, which is part of the “Yunchal” massif in Sarnena Sredna Gora, at around a two-kilometer-long straight line Northeast of Zlatosel village, Brezovo Municipality, can be found the oldest thus far documented dolmen on the territory of Bulgaria and one of the largest on the Balkan Peninsula. For now the daring of these monumental tombs of Thracian aristocratic families is from the second half of 2nd – the beginning of 1st millennium BC, but probably this dating will be pushed back in time. Its localization (GPSdata) is 42 26 11.4 (North), 25 01 37.2 (East);the elevation above sea level – 654m.

From the “Plochata” dolmen only the burial chamber has been preserved to our time. The burial chamber is of an impressive size. The cover plate measures 4.10 to 6.10 meters. The internal size of the chamber is the following: 2.20 meters tall, width near the entrance – 1.80 meters, in the back – 2 meters. The entrance of the dolmen is turned exactly to the East – the direction from which the Sun-God is born. From the right of the dolmen one can see traces of levelling of the rock, possibly platforms for gift placing. The foyer has been destroyed.

The dolmen is erected in a rocky area on a previously levelled platform, which, from one side, is enclosed with rocks. From the other side descends a steep rocky slope. From the place opens a horizon to the Thracian Plain and in good weather one can even see the Northern slopes of the Rhodopi Mountains. The place is especially selected, because from it one can see the entire territory over which the ruler who placed in the dolmen governed. This way, even from Beyond, he and his family could control the territory, which they rule. The Thracians believed in immortality and that the ancestors who have passed on to the Beyond, if buried and honoured correctly, would continue to oversee and help the living.

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