Megalith “The Upright Stones”

The megalith comprises two perpendicular vertical massive stone slabs (Fig. 5). The name “The upright stones” is the most popular among the locals, but the megalith is also known as “the brothers” and “The erected stones”. Its localization is 42 28 55.8 (North) and 25 05 16.6 (East);the elevation above sea level – 694 m. The passage formed between the two stone slabs is about 100 cm wide and 4 m long. The positioning is East-West.

The northern slab (with respect to the passage) is around 6 m tall, the southern one (with respect to the passage) – approximately 5 m tall. Both slabs are around 4 m wide at the base and app. 1 thick. The southern slab is slightly thicker at the base. Both vertical slabs are erected on a stone platform of approximately 5 square meters. There are no grooves carved in the platform. There is forthcoming archaeo-astronomical research of this peculiar megalithic door, which can be described as a solar door. From the megalithic door towards the east opens an endless horizon.

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