PHOTO EXHIBITION – Strandzha – Springs of Spirituality and Knowledge, 2011

Strandzha – Springs of Spirituality and Knowledge is part of a long-term project called Summer university Strandzha Mountain and Its Role in the Civilization Transition East-West, created as a result of Prof. Alexander Fol’s initiative. Today, the sustained development of this brilliant idea is invariably connected with the expansion of the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies. The project helps and develops the practical skills and knowledge of students as to the position and role of Strandzha Mountain in the age-long civilization European and global processes. Students study in detail and on site the role of the pre-historic civilizations and the Thracian civilization, the Middle-ages, the period of the Revival, the new and contemporary history of the region in its historical, social, political, philosophical and cultural aspect. The summer university focuses its attention on the common historical and cultural past of the peoples that inhabited the Balkan Peninsula as well as applying knowledge to practice. Prof. ScD Valeria Fol is this year’s project manager and Summer University manager. The University celebrates its 10th anniversary ever since it was first created.  
The photos comprise a small but significant part of the rich palette of events and pictures from the Summer University. Part of these events are:

  • practices dedicated to the socialization of the cultural and historical heritage;
  • Effective cooperation with the local authorities and the regional cultural institutions – the municipalities of Malko Turnovo, Lozengrad and Edirne;
  • Creative and scientific cooperation with other universities – The South-west University “Neofit Rilski”, the Istanbul University, The trakya University in Edirne, Lozengrad University, etc.;
  • Media communications and aspirations to conduct policies of transparency and information sufficiency on the realized activities.

In 2011, Summer University participants were: Prof. ScD Valeria Fol, Prof. ScD Kalin Porozhanov, Assoc. Prof. Sofia Vasileva PhD, Assoc. Prof. Valentin Kitanov PhD, Boris Borisov PhD, Alexander Portalski PhD, PhD candidate Diana Stoyanova – expert with the IRCHH, students from SULSIT and the South-west University “Neofit Rilski”, representatives of Malko Turnovo municipality and Lozengrad municipality, media representatives from Bulgaria and Turkey.