IRCHH main activities are:

  • to conduct interdisciplinary scientific research in the field of Cultural and Historical Heritage;
  • to organize and hold annual Summer University and Summer schools;
  • to organize specialized MA programs;
  • to realize the co-operation and partnership with scientific, research, educational, state, local and other organizations in Bulgaria and abroad;
  • to exchange scientific and educational information materials, invitations to participation in international events – congresses, conferences, symposia and other scientific and educational events;
  • to assist the exchange of lecturers and students and the process of shared experience;
  • to make known the results of scientific research, educational practices and qualification courses;
  • to provide expertise and consulting activities.

The Institute develops its scientific, educational, international and popularization mission in the following areas of Cultural and Historical Heritage:

  • Organization and management of Cultural and Historical Heritage;
  • Cultural and historical monuments;
  • Archaeological excavations;
  • Thracian Studies;
  • Ancient History, Culture and Religion of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean;
  • Archiving and documental heritage – state, municipal, departmental and personal archives; documents and information of historical, cultural, educational and instructive value, etc;
  • Book richness and heritage;
  • Cultural Heritage and ecology;
  • Spirituality and leadership – the study, instruction and application of Bulgarian and foreign leadership practices;
  • Protection of Cultural and Historical Heritage;
  • Cultural tourism;
  • Religious Cultural and Historical Heritage;
  • Architectural heritage;
  • Cultural institutions – museums, galleries, libraries, culture community centers;
  • Scientific research on the material and immaterial cultural and historical heritage.

The regional and topical priorities of the Institute’s scientific research are directed towards encouraging interdisciplinary, interuniversity and institutional cooperation in the field of Cultural Heritage in the:

  • Southeast European region with a stress on the archaeological, religious, book, archive-documental and immaterial cultural heritage;
  • Southeast European Mediterranean Asia Minor region with a stress on Thracian and Egyptian studies.

The Institute’s activities are provided by the highly-qualified academic staff, specialists and experts of SULSIT and guest scientists, tutors and specialists from cultural institutions, archives and other scientific structures in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Institute’s overall activity is guided in accordance with the national policy in the field of cultural and historical heritage and the European educational values, on the basis of Bulgaria’s legislation in the sphere of higher education, science and the educational policy of SULSIT.